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We recently used Pillar to Post Home Inspections for our new home we just purchased. We felt our inspector did a good job at the time we were completing the walk through with him, but little did we know that there were a few glaring water damage issues that were overlooked in the basement. After closing on the home we were cleaning over the first weekend prior to moving in and discovered water damaged floor boards behind the washer as well as rusty steel studs that were in clear sight in the closet. Once I began tearing off the drywall I found that this was a much larger issue than I thought. $7,000 more to be exact, that we weren't able to negotiate into the final purchase price due to the inspector missing it. When I went back to the inspector to ask for a credit back (only for the amount we paid him - $325-350), he said that he wouldn’t take responsibility for this as the basement tested dry at the time of inspection and he had a liability waiver in the contract we signed. It may have tested dry, but there was no note of all the visual water damage that we’ve not caught and are having to repair out of pocket. In my option, not a good way to conduct business.

Overall, I'm extremely dissatisfied with the items that were missed during the inspection as well as the lack of responsibility the inspector took for the items he missed that has ended up causing us a lot of money.

Review about: Pillar To Post Home Inspection.

Monetary Loss: $7000.

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Summit County, Ohio, United States #926398

Did not take liability for something missed returned inspection fee but would not take responsibility for repairs needed over $1000. Not good customer service!

Would not recommend them at all...

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